For 21 years I have had the honor of serving my country and community in the US Navy, as a Police Officer, and as your Councilmember. I possess as Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. I have lived in San Dimas for 15 years, raised my children here for 8, and served as your elected representative in District 1 for the last 4.

As your Councilmember, I have witnessed firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities facing San Dimas. Our community, much like others, has grappled with the consequences of Sacramento's failed policies and restrictive court rulings. These have led to increased crime and homelessness, eroded local control and threatened our community's character. I am committed to defending our city's unique identity and prioritizing public safety. My focus will be on advocating for common-sense solutions to these pressing issues, enhancing the quality of life for both our businesses and residents.

The upcoming Metro Gold Line extension represents a significant change for San Dimas, and it demands strong, sensible leadership. We must balance preserving our cherished heritage with steering towards a vibrant future. I am dedicated to maintaining fiscal accountability, reducing waste, and fostering responsible economic growth to ensure our city's stable financial future. Your vote will enable me to continue serving you with dedication and to implement these critical changes. I humbly ask for your support on Election Day, so we can together build a better future for San Dimas.

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As a dedicated councilmember, my foremost commitment is to public safety, recognizing its critical role in maintaining the well-being of our city. Ensuring our deputy sheriffs and fire services are proficiently trained and adequately equipped is paramount to safeguarding the health and security of our community and local businesses.

I firmly believe in the significance of small details. Upholding excellence in education, infrastructure, and public spaces is essential. Adhering to the 'Broken Windows Theory,' I advocate for prompt attention to quality of life concerns, preventing them from escalating into larger issues.

Since my election, I have actively worked to rejuvenate downtown San Dimas, successfully supporting existing businesses and attracting new dining establishments. My ongoing commitment is to continue these efforts, ensuring our downtown area thrives as a welcoming center for our community.

I spearheaded the initiative to conduct a citizen satisfaction survey and introduced a user-friendly city smartphone app. I'm focused on making real improvements in San Dimas. These steps have helped us find better ways to work, made our processes smoother, and our interactions with residents and businesses more straightforward. This is about keeping our city connected and moving forward together.

As your councilmember, I've consistently strived for straightforward and open governance. I recognize that even a slight lack of clarity can undermine trust, hindering our progress in San Dimas. I remain committed to enhancing transparency, ensuring our local government remains accessible and accountable to all residents.

As your councilmember, I recognize that while San Dimas is currently financially stable – a rarity in California – we're looking at a potential budget deficit soon. My commitment is to address this proactively, ensuring our city continues to manage its finances with prudence, responsibility, and openness. It's crucial that we stay ahead of these challenges to maintain our fiscal health.