For 17 years I have had the honor to serve my country and community as a US Navy Veteran, Police Detective, and San Dimas Public Safety Commissioner. I am also a proud father and husband. I possess a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a M.A. in Organizational Leadership.

I have lived in San Dimas for 11 years and there is no doubt that San Dimas is currently in a transition phase.

The Metro Gold Line extension is going to bring significant change to our community. The city needs strong leadership to help implement this change sensibly. I will work to preserve the city’s heritage and move it toward a bright and more vibrant future.

I will prioritize public safety, quality of life, and fiscal accountability. Failed policy from Sacramento and rulings from our courts have left us with more property crimes and homelessness. I will advocate for common sense approaches to reduce the impact of these issues. I believe in reducing waste and fostering good economic growth to maintain a stable financial future for our great city. I humbly ask for your vote on Election Day, so that I may continue to serve you as your newest Councilmember.

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Eric Weber for San Dimas City Council

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Remember to take the precautions about this virus seriously. Jokes about hoarding TP are one thing and a little levity helps us get through tough…

Eric Weber for San Dimas City Council

I am very pleased to see stores offering seniors the chance to shop without having to fight crowds to get the staples they need. Seniors,…

Just in case anyone hadn’t caught this information yet, the city will not be enforcing overnight parking for the time being.

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As a councilmember I will always prioritize public safety. When public safety is allowed to atrophy, it will have far reaching effects across the entire city. Well-trained and equipped deputy sheriffs and fire services keep our citizens and businesses safe and healthy.

Little things do matter. Setting a high bar for matters like the quality of education, roads, parks, and open spaces is an inherently good thing. I subscribe to the broken windows theory, which dictates that quality of life issues should be addressed before being allowed to take hold.

Residents of San Dimas don’t have many choices when it comes to dining or an evening out. I even find myself venturing to La Verne or Glendora regularly when I want to escape and decompress. Our downtown area has enormous untapped potential and as a councilmember I will support efforts to make downtown San Dimas a destination.

San Dimas city administration should always remain dedicated to making itself better. I am committed to holding the city accountable for its actions. As a councilmember, I will solicit feedback from citizens as well as implement tools to find out where improvements can be made, processes streamlined, or interactions made more efficient. This will improve our working relationships with residents and businesses in the community.

Transparency is not just a political buzzword. All levels of government owe it to their constituents to remain as open as possible. Even a perceived lack of transparency can undermine confidence in the system, which does not help move San Dimas forward. As your councilmember, I will work to bring more transparency to the citizens from the local government.

According to the state of California, very few cities can compare to the financial stability of San Dimas. Despite being in a decent financial position, San Dimas has a projected structural budget deficit in the next few years. As your councilmember, I will work to ensure our city is fiscally prudent, responsible, and transparent with its finances.